Friday, September 08, 2006

Let People Go

This past week more people had to leave because times are tough in the Auto Industry. Can't say I'm really surprised at all. When you have a major client that is responsible for a huge portion of your revenue and the client is basically considering an alliance or a merger with a European ~ Japanese counterpart you know things can't be too good.

Moving Jobs to Costa Rica is simply a way of life now. It's not a surprise. Why are you surprised? Is the world a surprise? Are you surprised by the World? You love World War III. I know so many of you tell me all the time how much you hate other people and are glad we can finally get rid of people but please tell me are you surprised it's a world?

Does this make sense?

When I look back 100 years ago and look at how people lived and treated each other I always think to myself that not much has changed. Until people stop robbing raping and killing and begins to trust each other nothing will ever change.

Being willing to accept your death at peace is the same thing as being able to accept your death at war except the difference is you propagate a life of peace instead of continue the cycle of violence that has lasted thousands of years.

Good Lord we have tried killing each other for thousands of years and have we learned yet as humans that killing each other does not work.

Not in my lifetime but some time humans will stop killing each other. There will always be war but there will not always be human war.


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